Quantum Matrix Ltd. focuses on developing cutting edge technology for future media.

Quantum Human (patent-pending) is a product of Quantum Matrix Ltd. It helps CG CFX/ animation production individuals and companies to cut down large portion of character setup cost and time for ultimate photo-realism characters, directly usable on AAA title games and movies. It’s the first system on the market to offer such capability and production readiness. It was originally an R&D project started 5 years ago and was called “Project Human”.



Please email to info@quantum-human.com



Who is Quantum Human for?
At first phase, QHuman will be usable for everyone in CG industry.
At second phase, QHuman will be usable outside Maya, for multi-platform app developers, and even people without CG knowledge!

When will Quantum Human release?
We are planning to release in 2015.

How much will Quantum Human Cost?
We are still looking at the licensing models. For now, we have rough ideas on having a lite version, a pro version, and custom services.

What is the skill level required?
Anyone who has fundermental skills in Maya can easily learn QHuman. That means students can easily create realistic characters in minutes too!