Features Overview:

  • innovative QNA framework to convert any mesh into production ready character
  • inject model topology, UV, Texture, ctrl rig, deform rig, including advanced muscle PSD and facial rig
  • transfer QNAEA (QNA-extension assets) onto your character
  • 1-click or module-by-moudle “installation” workflow
  • all modules can be batch-processed in QBatch queue. All batch can be exported and shared. even in commandline.
  • easily customizable to your pipeline
  • user-definable QNA
  • multiple modes of operation: Topology, Shape, or “direct from decoder”

1) Modelling

  • starts by ultra-fast human form decoder for body, face, and fingers
  • inject topology from QNA definitions onto your character
  • selective model replacement from QNA e.g. fingers, ears, eye/mouth cavities
  • procedural modelling history for fine tweaking, with LOD and reshape states
  • re-pose and mirror your model with topology intact
  • round-trip export to ZBrush/Mudbox for subdivision levels
  • coming soon – intelligent eye deformer to make your character “eye-ready”

2) Rigging:

  • 1-click or module-by-moudle installation workflow
  • all setups tweakable after automatic derivation
  • auto skeleton derivation, with advanced fist predictor for fingers orient
  • integrate your control-rig scripts and mocap rig
  • auto skincluster derived from QNA, with MUSH & skinchops options
  • auto Muscle system derived from QNA, with sliding, relaxing & collision
  • auto FACS-based facial setup derived from QNA, and only replace key shapes you don’t like.
  • coming soon – auto Pose-based-deformation setup derived from QNA
  • coming soon – auto skin dynamic simulation setup


3) Asset Transfer:

  • anything can be prepared as QNAEA (QNA-extension assets)
  • any QNAEA can be transfered to any character
  • transfer character clothing and props in 1-click
  • transfer eyes-teeth, curve-based eyelash, brow, even body-facial hairs in 1-click
  • transfer long hair system in 1-click


4) Production Tools:

  • Qcontrol UI for efficent character control. or easily integrate your own control
  • Qpreset for 1-click shot preparation or character auditing
  • 1-click mocap alignment + skeleton mapping + character attachment
  • QtestDrive for “Vertical” batch rendering, simulation and cache export
  • Qtools are collection of useful tools extracted for general purpose. e.g. “TransMorph” engine

Quantum Human - SNEAK PEEK big button

Modelling to Rigging Muscle System - Advanced Control

examples of decodable character variety

rigging your own topology mesh

Batching a folder of meshes

Control and manage lots of characters

Auto FACS-Based Facial System - Test 01 result

Creating a new QNA