from Arbitrary Human Mesh
in Maya or commandline

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In a nutshell:

Automatic Human modelling & Rigging from Arbitrary Mesh

World’s fastest workflow

Til now, studios and artists could spend large portion of project timeframe to setup sophisticated characters, before shot production actually commences. Quantum Human can speed up this process by literally hundreds of times, if not completely eliminate that process.
Since Quantum Human operates natively in Maya while having batch command-line mode, it’s highly customizable to existing production pipelines, or build custom interactive applications. Users can choose which modules to use, instead of entering a whole new application that is often a black box.


Quantum Human can be used in
1) Cinematic production for high quality, customizable pipeline.
2) Interactive and gaming applications. Thanks to its full automation, batch processing, and command-line processing.

As easy as 1-click

With the 1-click button mode, Quantum Human has virtually zero learning curve, users can start producing shots before they even know how to setup a character.

It saves you months of work and research

Innovative QNA framework - one asset derives infinite setups

QNA works by injecting definitions of model, rigging, etc onto input shapes. Automatically if you like.

Example Production

Example rigged characters from variety of input, using 1 QNA

Example of 1 input mesh processed with 6 QNAs


Advanced Control GUI

character creation like installing module-by-module

Mocap Ready, Animate Ready, Render Ready.

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In-depth Tutorials

see the power for yourself

Modelling to Rigging Muscle System - Advanced Control

One QNA already enables MASS PRODUCTION

Feed shapes into the system and you can mass produce an army easily.

The following are done in 1-click, not yet tweaked by advanced mode.

QBatch - Batching a folder of meshes


Besides programming, we have been doing extensive R&D on 3D Scanning, production pipeline, industry standard of topology & rigging, etc.


3D Scanning

3D scan is one of the highest quality inputs for Quantum Human

Our program built around high-end workflow for using 3D scan data.

see our 3D scan R&D


production tested

This 2 mins Cinematic Demo was made in only 6 man-weeks.

Quantum Human almost eliminates the whole setup process and allow artist to go directly into shot production.

view cinematic demo